Hand Knotted

This is Hand Knotted

This is Hand Knotted

Our mission pairs our team & our goals with generational handmade textile art.  We are educating people on diversity, bridging cultural divides, and incorporating skillful art into something new and fresh. With altruistic visions, we want you to join our journey; give a once-in-a-lifetime custom gift to someone you love & help a whole bunch of people along the way.  THIS IS HAND KNOTTED.


Trusted by 100+ Organizations all over the United States

Trusted by 100+ ORGANIZATIONS all over the United States

Our Journey

From Naval Officer & Pilot to Leader & Teammate to incredibly talented “hand knotted” artists, our journey took flight in 2010. Combining a touch of adventure while still respecting the age-old traditions of carpet artwork – our business exists to support a culture, support the artists and share our philanthropic vision with unique partnerships around the world.

Our Standing Principles

Our Standing Principles

Artisanal Excellence

Creating exquisite, hand knotted carpets with mastery and purpose.

Cultural Connection

Educating & Uniting cultures through teaching tradition and timeless craftsmanship

Philanthropic Vision

Pledging our best effort with our art to fundraise specific & purposeful $$$ to great people

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Six Week Process

Our Six Week Process

Yarn Dying

Coloring yarn with natural dyes.


Setting up and weaving the loom.


Burning excess fibers for smoothness.


Cleaning and softening the carpet.


Final touches and quality inspection.

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